Printouts and resources to help you to do self-work

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Values List

Knowing your values helps you understand what energizes you, what you enjoy, and what inspires you. By building a life & lifestyle around our values we create a life that is satisfying and meaningful to us. Values change over time, and deepen as you understand yourself better. Your values can also be situational - what's true for you at work may not be true for you at home.

The Sample Values List is ONLY to give you ideas. Feel free to change or add to the words in the list.

Take It Leave It png.png

Take It or Leave It

The Take It list should be the things that you love, value, and want to do more of in the future. The Leave It list should be the things that you dislike, drain you, and what you would like to leave behind. The Take It or Leave It list have things that you do not have strong feelings about. 

When you look at your list - what stands out? 

Where do things match and where are things out of alignment? 

What would it take for you to deal with your whole "Leave It" list? What stops you from doing that?

weekly gratitude log png.png

Weekly Gratitude Log

Paying attention to the small things go a long way. Utilize the gratitude log to reflect on what you are grateful for.