The Thing About Alignment

In my strongest opinion, living a fulfilled life is all about being aligned with your values, goals, sense of self, and most importantly knowing your why.

I always thought I knew my “why,” but I really do not. I have a good idea of where it stems from. My ‘why” stems from my core values: community, creativity and development.

In preparing this post, I found a quote that reads “Falling out of alignment in life is a natural consequence to the perceived conditions of stress, that may come from work, relationships, health issues, financial issues, the loss of a loved one, injury, divorce, etc.”

People tend to be out of alignment when the parts of their lives that they deem important to living a fulfilled life are unstable, dysfunctional, and stressful.

As an alignment coach, I am not an exception to this fact - this is part of what I have to share.

The beginning of the year 2020 has honestly been very difficult for me to navigate spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I just started a new job, I started to build AlignmentWork and then life happened - in such a way that I was forced to face two of my biggest fears.

Not being able to provide for myself financially is huge insecurity. I lost my wallet and was a victim of fraud. Whoever found it completely spent all and more of the money in my checking, put some charges on my credit cards. At the time when it happened, I was very stressed, miserable and angry at myself for even being in a situation like that. And sure, all it took was a couple of calls and filing reports to resolve that and then I didn’t realize that something even more devastating would shake me to my core.

A week after the fraud incident, my mother went into the hospital with a mild heart attack. At the time, I was worried but I also felt content with the idea that once she was in the hospital that she would receive the support that she needed, because she had been struggling with her health for several months before and she had a hospital scare more than a year ago from that time.

She did not recover. She went into cardiac arrest and was in a vegetitative state for a month. She passed away a month after.

There’s no better way to describe how I felt during the time than just crushed. I had to make responsible decisions that honored my mother and the way that she would have wanted to live - all the while preparing for her end of life, preparing for her to no longer be around to talk to and visit and to care for.

A couple of weeks after my mother’s funeral, the spread of COVID-19 grew to the pandemic that is it now and officials started putting in place social distancing and stay at home measures. As a result, I was laid off from my job.

Today, I feel more grounded than I have for the last few months. As overwhelming as life has been for me and for countless other people in the world, I sit with more clarity and more purpose.

Photo by Steven Arenas from Pexels

I believe that when you are navigating more stress and ambiguity in your life, it’s important to notice and to quickly pause to remind self:

“This ain’t it.”

“I don’t want my life to feel like this.”

“I don’t want to feel hopeless anymore.”

Remind yourself of your “why.” Remind yourself that you had a vision for your life, that you had goals you wanted to attain.

It’s the easiest and the hardest step to make towards an aligned life - but it’s a step that is necessary.

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