#AlignmentAtWork - A Mini-Blog Series

Updated: May 26, 2020

On the Alignment Work social media accounts, I shared micro content posts on how does one attain alignment in the workplace. Many people spend a large part of their lives at work so while I think about total life alignment, alignment in our work is no exception at all.

The reality is, most people do not work in their most ideal and aligned job or are in working environments that fully support the way that they work - this goes for all employees - the managers, the leaders, the subordinates.

I am of the Millennial generation and I truly align with the research that discusses how we view work in our lives and what would be the working environments that we would thrive in. I do believe that the factors listed would appeal to our generation, however it is my hope that all who encounter this mini blog series identifies with at least one or more of the factors listed.

I will writing a post on each of the following factors that contribute to alignment in the workplace* in the image below:

As someone who has invested in the development of teams, organizations and other professionals (not to mention my own professional development), I have come across many situations and patterns that can be alleviated by working towards these factors of workplace alignment.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on #AlignmentAtWork

*Workplace - a place where people work. This is still applicable for those who work remotely, travel for work, or work in multiple locations.

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