In today's world where we are impacted by pollution, societal oppression, and life events that misalign us, breathwork is an accessible and powerful healing tool to help let go of what inhibits you and no longer serves you and help you recommit to your total alignment.

Breathwork is defined as "the use of Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing for healing and growth, personal awakening, and transformation in spirit, mind, and body" (Brule, 2017).  

"Ha," "chi," "ki," "prana," "pneuma" all hold similar meanings across different cultures: air, breath, and life force. Many cultures developed different breathing techniques for different purposes, with some being very popular in use today.

Benefits of Breathwork

  • ​Reduces stress 

  • Manages emotional health - relieving symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and traumatic events

  • Increases creativity and cognitive functions

  • Improves gut health

  • Reduces blood pressure and heart rate

  • Heals chakra imbalances


  • Virtual event breathwork sessions are donation based.

  • Individual session sliding scale prices from $30 to $125*.

  • Private breathwork sessions for couples and groups start at $75*, please contact me to set up a consultation.

*All prices are subject to change

Breathwork Session Layout

  • All breathwork sessions will be hosted via Zoom. 

  • You have the option to have your camera on or off for the session. Your microphones are muted for most of the session. 

  • For individual sessions, the camera and microphone need to be on and available. Adjust the camera so that you are viewable. 

  • I will facilitate and provide verbal suggestions to participants. Breathe at a pace that is safe and comfortable for you

  • Music will be playing in the background to complement your breathwork experience. You can use headphones to heighten the experience. 

Space Needs

  • Feel free to come to the session as you are - in yoga wear, pajamas, sweats, it's up to you. 

  • The most optimal way to go through this session will be to lay your body flat on your mat or blanket.

  • Try to avoid having your head elevated because that does decrease your breathing (use a thin pillow if necessary). 

  • You can put a pillow under your knees if you have a more sensitive back.

  • Please ensure to have some blankets nearby, as body temperature can fluctuate during practicing breathwork.


  • During the session you may experience physical tension and resistance in your body. People may experience tetany in their hands, clenching and tension similar to lobster claws and "hyperventilation". Your body is taking in more oxygen than it is letting out carbon dioxide.  Your body temperature may shift from hot to cold - you may want to have a blanket nearby for the session. 

  • You may experience mental chatter and your mind may wander but you want to continue to bring your attention back to your breath. Heavy emotions may come up, related to something you think about, something that shows up in your body that triggers an emotional memory - that is okay - you are actively creating space for processing, letting go, and calling in strength to heal. 

  • While breathwork would be a valuable healing practice for alignment, it's best suited for those who have experience in therapeutic and spiritual work. It is important that you are aware of your own capacity for being attentive to your healing process. 

  • As it can be physically and emotionally demanding, it is contraindicated for those who are pregnant, have severe hypertension or cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia, or recent major surgeries and/or communicable diseases. 

  • If any of these apply to you, or if you have experienced significant trauma (or simply have questions about whether breathwork can be a practice for you), please contact me before registering for an event. 

Pre and Post Care

  • Drink Water: Drink plenty of water before and especially after your session. And be sure to use the restroom prior to the breathwork session.

  • Nourish Your Body: Please refrain from eating a large meal at least 45 minutes before the session starts. However after the session, you might find some helpful grounding support after with a snack or meal that is protein rich.

  • Ground Yourself: Allow yourself to ease back into your body. Perhaps by taking a short walk outside,  dancing, listening to music, touching something that you enjoy or put it all together and do the 5-4-3-2-1method.

  • REST: The after effects of breathwork can either have one more energized than when they started or very tired. Listen to your body. If your body needs more rest then honor your body. Stay in the same space your did breathwork for another 15 minutes or take a nap/go to sleep. 

  • Journal: It can be helpful to journal after your session.  I recommend journaling by writing or drawing however an audio journal response also works. Reflect on what sensations you experienced during breathwork (physical, spiritual, emotional, etc).  Contact me if you are also interested in additional journaling prompts based on themes most relevant to you.